The Power of Forgiveness

I go see every Super Hero movie. The latest one was Wonder Woman, and I even took my seven year old granddaughter —before I realized it was PG! (Sorry, Maisie, for having to cover your eyes sometimes!)

The reason I wanted her to see it was because Wonder Woman stood for the Power of Love — which is a good message to share.

I wanted her to know we are all Super Heroes, with infinite strength to create what we want. And I think one of our best super-powers is the Power of Forgiveness.

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We all have the Power of Forgiveness, but we just don’t always use it. When we do exercise our Power, miracles occur.

(1) We can turn back time.

Forgiveness gives us the ability to “start over.” We can reboot, re-do, or renew a relationship without the need to rehash every insult or slight. We can begin again, and create a better relationship with a sense of peace and inner balance.

(2) We can lift heavy burdens.

We don’t have to carry around the weight of resentment, judgment and blame. We can set ourselves free from the stories we tell ourselves, and experience the lightness of being present, and open to new possibilities.

(3) We can see through barriers.

Instead of seeing someone who hurt or offended us through the barricades of anger and bitterness , we can lower those walls around our heart, and change the filters through which we see the other, and create appropriate boundaries — without needing total cutoffs.

(4) We become impervious to pain.

Forgiveness sets us free from re-hashing or re-living the past. When we no longer focus on what offended us, we can put our attention on what brings us
joy. Especially when we forgive ourselves.

(5) We stand for what is right and good.

When we forgive ourselves for mistakes we have made, we allow ourselves to embrace our humanity as well as our divinity. (To err is human, to forgive, divine.) When we forgive others, it sets us free and allows us to view the other from a kinder perspective, whether or not we choose to interact with them again.

Wielding the Power of Forgiveness makes us all Super Heroes — because forgiveness is a daily practice.

We can always

  •  start over

  •  liberate ourselves from “old stories”

  •  break through the barriers of judgment and blame

  •  free ourselves from pain

  •  see both the human and the divine in everyone

So yes, Virginia (Maisie), there really is a Wonder Woman.

And she is you.

And she is also YOU!

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