If you are a Therapist, Mediator, Attorney, Coach, or Counselor who wants to help heal and transform relationships, please join me. 

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Compassionate Mediation® 

combines emotional and spiritual healing along with with legal and financial information and support.  

Together we can transform the face of divorce — one heart at a time.

Introducing Compassionate Mediation® Training:

Introducing Compassionate Mediation®

Compassionate Mediation® fosters peaceful and respectful dialogue when there is conflict. It provides a safe forum for healing and personal growth — as well as financial and legal information and guidance. Individuals and couples can then create a new and better future — together or apart.

Peaceful Conflict Resolution

You’ll teach your clients a method of compassionate communication that allows for healing and mutual respect. With awareness, understanding, and willingness to listen, each party feels heard, understood, and more connected. You also learn techniques to offer that encourage exquisite SELF care.

Powerful and Healing Initial Interview

Using a unique template, you'll learn a new technique for an initial interview that helps you understand each individual and the dynamics of the relationship. You will facilitate constructive dialogue that fosters transformation. In a matter of minutes you can help your clients communicate with more respect.

Positive Relationship Transformation

This process of SELF-led empathetic communication helps heal a family for the highest good of all concerned. You educate your clients as they explore their options, collect necessary information, and learn their rights and responsibilities. You will feel confident in your ability to be of service.

Heal More Relationships 

You will learn how to support your clients as they decide whether to continue with Compassionate Mediation®, agree to co-create a more Compassionate Relationship, or elect to pursue a Compassionate SELF-Led Divorce®.

Expand Your Expertise

You can be part of an evolutionary process that will inspire your clients to heal and transform their relationships from their highest and best SELF. They will explore their options, get clear on their rights and finances, and take inspired action for their future.

Earn More CEU's*

Compassionate Mediation® Training is an NBCC-Approved Continuing Education Course for therapists who will receive NBCC-approved clock hours. *Coaches and Attorneys, Continuing Education Credits will be available in the near future.

Learn Linda's Process  

Linda is a therapist, mediator, attorney, author, and Chopra Certified Master Teacher of meditation, yoga and Ayurveda, Linda founded of Compassionate Communication Academy to share all that she has learned with you for your expansion and success.

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With gratitude to Richard Schwartz, PhD, Founder of Internal Family Systems (IFS) — Selfleadership.org

“Divorce brings out the worst in us and often leaves lasting scars...  

Linda Kroll is a master at lifting couples out of their narrow protective perspectives. They then learn the larger lessons from their relationships and proceed based on the best interests of all involved... This is relationship healing at its best.”  

Client Success Stories:

"I've experienced significant improvements in all my relationships." "I learned there could be a Compassionate Divorce." "We’re building an entirely new marriage.” “Linda guided us mindfully through the impact of divorce.” "I came to Linda seeking mediation and came out with peace and hope.” “I am breaking free from destructive patterns.” “Linda helped me love all ‘Parts’ of my SELF!” “With Linda’s caring guidance, I moved forward with peace and strength.”

"We’re building an entirely new marriage.” "I resisted leaving for years with two young kids and limited finances, the idea of leaving felt almost as bad as staying. By the end of our first session, we were able to strip away some of the old resentments and junk to have a glimpse of the person we fell in love with all those years ago. After a few short months, we are no longer thinking of ending our marriage. Linda is helping us build an entirely new marriage. She is a Godsend and is helping me to love myself, love my husband, and love my life. What a treasure.”

"I learned there could be a Compassionate Divorce." "I imagine that working with me and my spouse was quite challenging as we both brought a lot with us while dealing with intense life issues. Once the difficult decisions were further along, there was space to let concepts into my mind and heart of empathy and compassion. Linda always seemed to maintain an ability to stay above the fray, and she taught me how to come from my Highest Self. I feel that I understood the meaning of Highest Self immediately, yet before being introduced to that concept by Linda, I don’t think I operated from that place often enough. I am now am working toward living my best life, from my Highest Self, looking for good things for myself, my newly structured family, and for the greater good in my business and personal life. My former wife and my daughter and I have all traveled together with friendship and harmony."

“I am breaking free from destructive patterns.” “In just one session with Linda, I gained insight into a stumbling block in my relationship that I thought was impassable. Her clarity and intelligence cut through my defenses allowing me to see the ways in which I was sabotaging myself. She is a serious and effective therapist who gave me the courage to face my painful past and the tools to break free from destructive patterns. I am very grateful for her presence in my life and awed by her extraordinary skill.” 

“With Linda’s caring guidance, I moved forward with peace and strength.” "When I was first referred to Linda, I felt sad, scared, alone and extremely confused. With Linda’s caring guidance, I learned ways to cope with what was happening with my life and how to move forward with peace and strength. She showed me options I didn’t know existed. This helped me feel more in control of my actions and decisions and allowed me to be a strong role model for my children. Life is so much better. I now face each day with excitement, strength, and peace.”