At this challenging time in your relationship,

The Compassionate Mediation® Toolkit will guide you to

Create the Relationship You Desire and Deserve  

After all this time together, would you like to:

  • Improve your relationship — and don't know how?  
  • Separate — and wonder what comes next?
  • Divorce — without the pain and suffering for all?  

The Compassionate Mediation® Toolkit can heal and transform your relationship today!

Create a new and better marriage — or a peaceful and respectful separation or divorce. 

Together we can change the face of divorce - one heart at a time!

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 Your Compassionate Mediation® Toolkit Includes:

Free Chapter of Compassionate Mediation® For Relationships At a Crossroad

VIDEOS included to help you make positive decisions for your future. Acknowledged by Aspire Magazine as one of the top ten inspirational books of August 2017.... "Linda leads you through the necessary steps to resolve your issues for the highest good of all concerned."

You will be inspired and guided to co-create a relationship that meets your needs and brings you more peace, love and joy.

Relationship Assessment — See where to focus to make improvements now.

This Relationship Assessment will help you measure all aspects of your relationship and it will help you understand the areas that need the most improvement and work. At the end of it, you'll get to review your commitment score and explore suggested options to help you create the relationship you want now!

Compassionate Communication Master Class

From the webinar - "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?" Five Vital Questions to Help You Know — these videos will help you to heal and transform your relationship today. I share the 5 questions you need to ask yourself to create a new and better relationship with your partner or what to know before you make a decision to part. 

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 The Compassionate Mediation® Toolkit will help you build the foundation to a new and better relationship... the one you've always wanted.