I just have to share this with you!

For weeks, the “e” key on my computer stopped working. I put off getting it fixed, and when I finally focused on doing that – I was four days out of warranty and looking at a $900 repair.

I procrastinated getting the help I needed and instead overcompensated by cutting and pasting in “e's” when I typed (yes, it was THAT nutty and labor-intensive!)

Inspired to add more music to my life and remember to add more loving care for myself, I started to journal. Here's what I wrote, and here's what happened. It's a miracle! 🙂

I WROTE just now:

I’m going to take time to SLOW DOWN today…. and Breathe.

I’ve been moving at warp speed – (I'll spare you the list of manic activities I wrote….)

So much still to do, but listening to music and writing now are my priorities in the moment.

Oh yes I also…. (more lists)… and THEN!….here comes the miracle….

OMG – just by slowing down the “e’s” on my computer just started working again. OMG! I have been copying and pasting for days now!

SLOWING DOWN, music, breathing, taking time…. the EASE of the “e’s” just miraculously appeared. It is a miracle. I’m laughing. I made it all harder on myself by over-compensating instead of taking the time to slow down and focus on what needs to be done FIRST.

FIRST comes MEEEEEEEE- with lots of EASY EASE – eeeeeeeee – they are back – my lost e’s.

It’s a miracle. Wow, G-d and the Universe – and my angels and guides, are all here to support me – if I just SLOW DOWN enough to LET THEM!!!

Thanks to all my angels and guides in my life. I love having my ease (e's) back! Love to all! <3 <3 <3

Now what can YOU do right now to add more EASE to YOUR LIFE! 

Sending love and support always…. xoxoxo

"I’ve experienced significant improvements in my relationship with my husband and children."


"I learned there could be a Compassionate Divorce."


“We’re building an entirely new marriage.”


“Linda guided us mindfully through the impact of divorce."


“I came to Linda seeking mediated divorce documents and came out with nothing but peace and hope."


“I am breaking free from destructive patterns.”


“Linda helped me love all ‘Parts’ of my SELF!”


“With Linda’s caring guidance, I moved forward with peace and strength.”


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