It began when Linda, Marcia and I were doing our Reiki share in the midst of the fires on the west coast.  The smoke was endangering the health of Linda and me.  Marcia, in Ohio, started to feel guilty because she could breathe.  What can we do?  What if those who can breathe do so with intention for those who cannot?  I can support you and you can support me, no matter the reason, environmental or systemic racism. Our breath becomes a life raft across time and space.

You can use a 108 bead mala to pace yourself if desired. The  number 108  is sacred. It's the number of wholeness.  It's the number six chai representing the eternal life of the soul.  Read slowly and breathe with each one. Pause to hear and feel the words.   Read to someone else and watch their breathing slow as you read.  If you grok the idea of this practice, you can create your own I Breathe With You.  

 Grok – Hindu word for intuit or understand. I love this word.  Sounds like a bird talking.

  1. Who among us can breathe? Who cannot? I breathe with and for you.
  2. I breathe with you and all your friends and family connected ones.
  3. …with the trees outside my window.
  4. …with the waters big and small.
  5. …with the wind.
  6. …and smoke.
  7. …with the fires
  8. …and ash.
  9. …and rain.
  10. …with the fog.
  11. …and the spiders who want to be inside.
  12. …and the roly-poly bugs inching across the floor.
  13.  …with the rocks, big and small.
  14.  …with the sea lions barking at the bottom of the hill.
  15. …with the screaming birds.
  16. …seagulls.
  17. … crows.
  18. …eagles.
  19.   I breathe with the mighty hummingbird and her electric sound.
  20.   I breathe with the dahlias and the crocosmias.
  21. …the geraniums and the mint.
  22. …the milkweed and the marigolds.
  23.  I breathe with the wood of the house, strong and sturdy.
  24.  …with the windows and their vision.
  25.  I breathe with the mold hidden and not.
  26. I breathe with the idea of balance.
  27. I breathe with knowing I am not the center of the universe.
  28. I breathe with my part in the world.
  29. …with the joy in me.
  30. …with the joy in you.
  31. …with our separation.
  32. …our connection.
  33. Our suffering.
  34. Our end of the cause of suffering.
  35. Our letting go.
  36. Our opening up.
  37. Our open hearts.
  38. Our minds, free and clear.
  39. With my pain.
  40. With your pain.
  41. I breathe with being free of pain..
  42. With the life force.
  43. To be present.
  44. To be soft and yielding.
  45. To stand firmly in my groundedness.
  46. I breathe with the skies.
  47. I breathe with all the colors we see.
  48. Red.
  49. Orange.
  50. Yellow.
  51. Green.
  52. Blue.
  53. Purple
  54. Black.
  55. Brown
  56. White
  57. I breathe with the earth’s core:
  58. fiery and expanding.
  59. …and the earth’s crust:
  60. brittle or crumbling,
  61.  fertile and verdant.
  62. I breathe into all the elements.
  63. Fire.
  64. Air.
  65. Metal.
  66. Space.
  67. Wood.
  68. Earth.
  69. I breathe with “being in relationship.”
  70. I breathe with “ what is my portion.”
  71. …”what do I need going forward?”
  72. I breathe with the body.
  73. …with the voice: 
  74.  say my name, say all the names.
  75. I breathe with the liver, toxin filter.
  76. …the spleen and lymph, first line of defense.
  77. ..the blood, oxygen distributor.
  78. ..the bones, structure, shape and scaffolding.
  79. ..inner marrow, stem cell producer.
  80. ..lungs, wings of the heart.
  81. I breathe with the sounds around and in me.
  82. I breathe with the smells swirling in, out.
  83. I breathe with my hands and their touch to this body.
  84. I breathe with the sensations on my skin.
  85. …the borders of my body.
  86. …beyond the borders.
  87. …with the heavenly host.
  88. …with the moonlight.
  89. …with the sun’s radiance.
  90. …the stars.
  91. …the night.
  92. …the day.
  93. …into this life right now.
  94. …into the lives before this one.
  95. and after.
  96. …with the hands cupped to cradle our nation with all protection buddha mudra.
  97. …with riding out the storm with calm.
  98.  I breathe with the power of love.
  99.  I breathe with giving love.
  100. I breathe with receiving love.
  101. I breathe with there is no difference in giving and receiving love.
  102. I breathe with there is no OTHER when we breathe with our connection.
  103. I breathe with all the forces of nature giving life to this planet.
  104. May we breathe respect.
  105. May we breathe balance through listening.
  106. I breathe with hearing you and you hearing me.
  107. I breathe with the name of god in the silence of my breath’s exhalation.
  108. I breathe with loving You and Me, for We are One.

"I’ve experienced significant improvements in my relationship with my husband and children."


"I learned there could be a Compassionate Divorce."


“We’re building an entirely new marriage.”


“Linda guided us mindfully through the impact of divorce."


“I came to Linda seeking mediated divorce documents and came out with nothing but peace and hope."


“I am breaking free from destructive patterns.”


“Linda helped me love all ‘Parts’ of my SELF!”


“With Linda’s caring guidance, I moved forward with peace and strength.”


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