I'm live coming to you from the Chicago Botanic Garden sitting  inside my little Zen Den.

I feel connected to all of you somehow and just thinking about how important it is to feel our feelings.

Ah, take a deep breath on that.

Think about all the times that we start taking care of others even when we know we need to take care of ourselves.

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I'm inviting you to take a few moments, take a few breaths, and as you focus on what a beautiful day it is here and hopefully where you are,  go inside and see if you can find a feeling that you haven't been letting yourself feel.

If it's a big feeling like sadness or fear or anger or pain,  just invite that feeling to titrate.

What does it mean to titrate?  it's like when a nurse comes into a hospital and adjusts the rate of the drip in the IV bag. You can ask your feelings to come out a drip at a time, instead of overwhelming you.

Let's invite our feelings to titrate in a way that we can handle instead of ignoring them, instead of denying them, instead of staying too busy or eating too much.

Wherever you are now, let's just connect with our hearts, with each other, and just for a moment allow ourselves to feel a feeling.

Sometimes when we're lucky enough to have friends that we can feel our feelings with we're very blessed. In the meantime, we can be our own friend to ourself and allow ourselves to feel what we need to feel.

We don't need to eat too much or drink too much or deny them or repress them or suppress them, we can just be with what we feel. Even if we can't be with it because it's not right right time, let's just send our feelings some hugs.

Let's just your feelings know you know they're there. Go deeper and deeper and send love to your inner child if she or he is still suffering from something unacknowledged, sending love to your inner bride or inner groom who may have some feelings.

I think when we don't allow ourselves to feel our feelings we get all bottled up, we get stuck, we get heavy, and dense, and slow, and sluggish, and moody.

If we could just acknowledge time to journal or meditate or take a walk or sit in nature or connect with someone we love or cry or vent or scream or whatever you need.

Just take a minute or two. Even if you don't have that minute or two to be with the feelings, send them hugs. Let them know you're there, let them know you're aware.

In the quiet, compassionate, witnessing awareness that we can give our feelings, those parts of us that we exile or ignore, when we take just a few moments to give them the attention they can transform.

We're just going to take a look at what it's like to be in nature, to be in a place where we can explore our inner being and not have to do, be, do.

Here's my little spot, right there, welcome you to join me, and here's what it \looks like when I come here.

I just knew I wanted to be with you today. Nothing special, just sending love, and sending a request if you choose to join me, and taking a moment to take a breath and take a look inside and be with ourselves in a loving, compassionate, giving way that will give so many other people in our lives.

Even a few moments will make the difference. We can all pretend we're taking a little walk deeper, and deeper, and deeper into the core of our being where everything we meet here is love; so your sad parts, your vulnerable parts, your hurt parts, your envious parts, your judgmental parts —  just love them all. In loving them all they can transform.

Then when you've hugged your feelings send a lot of love and hugs, and understanding, and compassion to the feelings of the people in your life.

You can never have too much love, empathy or compassion.

In this moment of feeling our feelings, allowing them to breathe, bringing compassion to ourselves and ultimately to others, we can also just join hearts and hands in this beautiful experience of life.

Whatever you might be challenged with or struggling with, now or in the past, just allow yourself to feel and reach out for help.

Ask people you love to support you so that you know you're not alone. Just know I'm sending you a lot of love, a lot of light, a lot of compassion.

Your fear can be a big feeling, but if we just allow ourselves to feel it and just tune in to what you're afraid of that can dissipate. We don't have to stay too busy to be afraid, we can just deal with our fear and share it because it's universal, everything we feel is universal.

Just like the tree is supported by the earth, so too are we. Take a few deep breaths, belly breaths, and as your feet touch the ground, wherever you are, just imagine growing roots to the center of the earth.

Imagine as those roots grow deeper and wider you're going to feel very firmly rooted, and planted, and grounded.

Invite up from the earth some nurturing and supportive energy. It goes from your feet up through your legs, your thighs, your hips, your groin, your stomach, your chest, and into and around your heart, with all the feelings that you have.

Then allow that nurturing energy from the earth to go up through your throat, your jaw, behind your eyes, your forehead, to the crown of your head, and out the crown of your head all the way to the sky.

Then invite down from the sky, universe, mother nature, higher power, God, what's ever out there, invite down some very calm and compassionate energy.

Breathe even bigger than yourself so you surround yourself with this calm, compassionate energy. Then focus that compassion inward and find any place in your body where you're holding tension or tightness, where you've got a thought or a feeling, and just allow yourself to be with it.

You don't have to do anything, you don't have to make sense of anything, you don't have to fix anything, you don't have to change anything, just allow yourself to be.

In that being-ness you're bringing full presence to the moment.

With your full presence, full awareness, and open heart, your feelings have a place to move and be embraced. As you feel your feelings you might want to journal (or not) or you just might want to take a moment or two and know that you've given them some attention.

Thanks for being here, thanks for being with yourself.

Spend a few more moments with yourself and come back and join me at the Botanic either virtually, or like some people can hopefully soon, in person.

Sending you a lot of love, a lot of light, and a lot of hopes for a beautiful day filled with all kinds of feelings and, most of all, ones that bring you gratitude and joy.

Sending you love, bye for now.


p.s. Feel your feelings so that you can transform them, release them, and let them go. Then you have room for more peace, love and joy. Y

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