The Proud and “Perfect” Princess

The Proud and “Perfect” Princess

Hi, Dear Ones, I just wanted to share the story I wrote for my six year old granddaughter — who didn't want to order her own hamburger last night and cried when I suggested she tell the waiter instead of tell me. After I wrote it, I realized it applies to me too. Sending love to all!

The Proud and “Perfect” Princess

Once upon a time lived a beautiful Princess who was very proud and wanted to be seen as perfect.

She didn’t like to make mistakes or have anyone notice if something she said or did was wrong, or could have been better, or had room for improvement.

So she never tried anything new.

She only did the few things that she was comfortable doing, that she knew she could do well. She stayed in her Comfort Zone, which was very small and confining.

She felt confident in her comfort zone. She didn’t care that she never left it, because she had servants who would do the things she wasn’t comfortable doing.

When she went to a restaurant, she had her servant order for her because she was not comfortable talking to strangers. If someone had a suggestion for how to learn to do it, she would cry because it would mean she would have to leave her comfort zone, do something new, and not be perfect the first few times. She was too embarrassed, and didn’t want to talk about it.

So she stayed in her comfort zone, even though it meant she never could grow into a Powerful and Prestigious Princess who would someday make a Questioning and Quality Queen.

Then one day, she looked around and realized, “I want to grow up. I don’t want to stay a Princess forever. Someday I want to be a the Queen.”

And that was the day she gave herself Permission not to be Perfect. And she left her Comfort Zone.

Little by little, she tried new things.
She made mistakes
She learned to laugh at herself instead of cry.
She had more interesting things to do.
She felt more confident, courageous, and curious about everything.

And most of all, she had more fun!

She grew up to be a Quality Queen who questioned everything wherever she went.

She was always learning something new and exciting.

And she lived happily ever after.

P. S. (It's always comforting when we can love and accept our own inner child. Sending love and hugs from mine to yours! xoxoxo)


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