My heart goes out to all of us for the suffering in the world.

We can make 2024 a much better year with more empathy and compassion.

We will find ways to mediate to a middle ground where we will all be safe.

Thich Nhat Hanh says:“To reconcile conflicting parties, we must have the ability to understand the suffering of both sides.If we take sides, it is impossible to do the work of reconciliation. And humans want to take sides. That is why the situation gets worse and worse.Are there people who are still available to both sides? They need not do much.They need only do one thing, go to one side and tell all about the suffering endured by the other side, and go to the other side and tell all about the suffering endured by this side.That is our chance for peace. That can change the situation.”

We are all suffering.We are all exhausted, depleted, and sometimes hopeless.

Ther are things we can do NOW to make things better today!
Practice compassion for yourself and others.

Feel empathy for someone with whom you have conflict.

Don’t seek to fix, desire to understand.

Don’t try to change another, aspire to accept.

Remember we all feel the sadness, fears, pain…

And we all have the same capacity for kindness and love.

Foster more of the latter (kindness and love)To douse the flames of those feelings we exile (sadness, fear, pain)

Stop trying to “manage” away from your life.

Go into your heart.

Breathe and let your SELF-awareness expand.

Share it with all your parts.

Share it with the world –
starting now –
with one breath…
Sending my love and compassion,
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