You can begin a better relationship now by following these steps:

Be Your Best SELF

  • I hope the story of your relationship is one that you enjoy sharing. If not, it’s time to create a new story, where you are the empowered hero, not a victim.
  • Often, looking at the half-full parts of your relationship will help change your vantage point and allow for more intimate connections.
  • When you learn how to bring your best SELF to your relationship now, you’ll see old patterns and habits change for the better.
  • You can understand the conflicting feelings you may sometimes have, you also can recognize how your family of origin has affected your perspective.

Communicate Compassionately

  • The more you reduce your stress by taking better care of yourself, the more positive energy you will have to share with others.
  • Set your intentions for the future you want, and then put your attention on watching the Universe support your goals.
  • You’ll become more receptive, when you remember what it is you truly want, know you deserve it, ask for what you need, be willing to receive, and stay grateful.
  • Empathy helps you communicate with “I messages” where you share your feelings (not your judgments), and relate from your heart.

Explore Your Options

  • When you decide what you truly want — instead of focusing on what you don’t want — you’ll be able to talk about everything.
  • You don’t need to feel “stuck” in a situation that you want to change.
  • As you become more of an empowered partner, you’ll make confident and clear decisions for future.

Understand Your Finances

  • As you feel more informed, you can decide how you want to proceed with current and future choices.
  • If you think a separation or divorce is a possibility, find a good mediator and attorney, but first go back and be your best SELF and create a compassionate relationship with your partner now.

Plan for your future.

  • As you bring your best SELF into a new and better compassionate relationship, miracles can happen.
  • Take your time to explore your options, feel your feelings, and share all that you can with your partner to improve your relationship.

I’m here to help in any way I can.

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