I'd like to help you heal and transform your relationships.

Please just take a deep breath.

With so much that's been going on in the world right now, our relationships are strained to the limit.

Whether there's too much togetherness, not enough hugs, whatever we're missing, we have ways of reacting that aren't always our best SELF.

Think of a challenging relationship.

When you think of a relationship right now that you're having conflict with, or that's making you a little uncomfortable, just notice what happens to your body.

Notice the stories you tell yourself about the other person and notice how you feel, how you get constricted inside.

I want to help you get to your best SELF, and — in the next couple minutes — know how to bring that best SELF back to your relationship today to make things better.

Rumi said, “We're not just the drop in the ocean, we're the ocean in the drop.

When we come from our highest SELF, that mindful, calm, compassionate center, we do connect with that oneness that's in our heart.

That's our soul. That's our spirit that's connected to the other person’s.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

But we're human, so we get reactive and we exile some of our feelings. If we feel hurt, or sad, or mad sometimes, or scared, we've pushed all that aside.

We go out in the world and we manage and we try to be hardworking, or pleasing, or caretaking. And then when that gets too cumbersome, we get extreme in certain ways. So you might be eating too much, or drinking too much, or watching too much TV, or getting depressed, or a number of ways to behave.

Your True SELF is always there.

So let's take a deep breath and know that underneath all of that, you have a very healthy SELF that's calm, clear, and compassionate.

The only time you can change another person is when they're in diapers.

You're not going to change the people in your life right now. You can change in how you're relating to them.

Let's see if you can take a breath, a couple belly breaths. Inhale, belly expands, exhale, release back to your spine. Just a couple more.

Invite all those parts that have judgments, and limiting beliefs, and your walls around your heart, and your filters through which you're seeing the other person — see if those parts can relax just a little bit so that you can get to that calm, compassionate center that is your soul.

Whatever the problem, love is the answer, but it starts with loving yourself.

So, how can you be more loving to yourself right now?

What can you do to take care of yourself, to meditate more, to journal, to go for walks — to give yourself the attention, affection, appreciation, and acceptance that you're looking for from someone else?

The more you fill up with your own compassion for everything that you're going through right now — and I'm sure there is a lot that each of us is going through right now — when you have compassion for yourself and fill up with that, it will then be emanating from you and you'll bring more compassion to your life and relationships.

Compassionate Communication

  1. Connect to your best SELF
  2. Let go of limiting beliefs
  3. Unburden pain from your past
  4. Relate from your HEART

You can compassionately communicate as you connect to your highest self with breath, gratitude, meditation, prayer.

Connect to your best self as you let go of your limiting beliefs and give yourself time to unburden pain from the past.

You can stay in the present moment and not regurgitate the past or project it in the future, and then relate from your heart.

It's in your heart where your soul resides.

It's in your heart where you're going to connect.Know that no matter what you're going through, everyone else in your life is going through it now, too.

As you can bring a little more breath, a little more awareness, a little more SELF-leadership, a little more higher consciousness, you can change any relationship starting now.

I wish you love and happiness from my heart to yours, take good care.

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