My two angels are together in heaven.

I first met Pete on a blind date in 1967 and he was gorgeous, an All-American football player, funny, adorable.

We were together from 1967 until we separated in 1989, with 22 loving years in between and two miraculous daughters that we waited a long time to have.

We were blessed with Kimmy and Dana – and everyone else in our lives. 

And even though differences divided us, I never stopped loving him. 

And I was always grateful that he was the father of my children. 

He was constantly devoted to them and devoted to all of his friends and family, as well.

As I think back on our time together and our time apart, I'm grateful for all we did share.

Wherever we went, people wanted to be near Pete Kroll – whether it was a gin game or football game, golf, dinner, a party – he was always the center, but with a humility and a humor and a grace and a charisma that nobody could match.

There was only one Pete Kroll.

Torrie, Vanessa, and Olivia were a wonderful addition to our family.

And my heart goes out to all of them, especially to my daughter Kimmy, who has lost both a sister and a father.

We will miss Pete, but we'll all feel blessed that he was part of our lives. 

His children adored him and his grandchildren know how lucky they were to have Papa Pete. 

And now he's watching over us with Aunt Dana. 

For those of you watching this who have been here to love Pete, to love Dana, to support us all in all the ways you have, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

And most of all, I thank Pete, for the children he gave us, for the grandchildren we shared. and for the years of love and friendship and family, 

God bless you, Pete. God bless you, Dana. 

I know you are  at the Table in the Sky with all the people who came before, and we'll all meet again someday. 

I love you dearly.

‘Bye for now.

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