Dearest Pete,

We met on a blind date in 1967, six months after you lost your beloved sister Cathy.

You were an All American football player, loved and admired by all who knew you, and gorgeous, funny, and adorable.

We were together after our first date until we married in 1969, and then for twenty loving years after.

It took us a long time to have children, but we shared two miraculous daughters, Kimmy and Dana.

No matter the differences that divided us, I never stopped loving you, and was always grateful you were the father of my children.

I always knew that you would be there for them, and we tag-teamed beautifully, and Torrie courageously, patiently,  and lovingly was an integral part of that core group intent on doing everything we could to help Dana,

You loved constantly, devotedly, completely.

Torrie and Olivia and Vanessa were also blessed to have you – and Kimmy Dana, and I benefitted from having them in our lives.

I often said you “married up…”

Others will share stories of how you added to their lives, as you were a brother to so many, and a unique and special person who brought joy to all who knew you.

At every party, football game, gin game, golf game, people wanted to be near you, Pete.

Your jokes, your teasing, your laughter, and your love touched hearts in ways that can never be measured or duplicated.

Your children adore you and your grandchildren know how lucky they are that you were their Papa Pete.

You were and are one of a kind.

And now, beloved husband, father, Papa, relative and friend, it’s time for us to mourn your passing.

We will miss everything about you, and we thank you for hanging in so long, even when the last years were so difficult for you.

We thank you for your years of laughter, love, generosity, and deep, devoted friendship.

We thank you for all the ways you enriched our lives  with your big heart, wise counsel, and infinite courage.

And as much as I’ll miss having my partner in parenting, I thank you for going first to that Table in the Sky to keep our beloved Dana company.

Thank you for hanging in so that she didn’t have to bury you as that would have killed her…

As our beloved Kimmy loses both a sister and a father, and Torrie and Olivia and Vanessa lose their rock, we all can take comfort in knowing that you and Dana will be our Angels, continuing to look out for us, protect us, shower us with your devotion, and will be there waiting…

Bless you always, my dear friend, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and family we shared.

God bless you and Dana – until we all meet again… 

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