Compassionate Communication Community

Compassionate Communication Community

I’ve spent my lifetime and the last 35 years as a therapist, mediator and attorney, author, and Chopra-Certified teacher of meditation, yoga and Ayurveda — wanting to help people learn how to be more compassionate with themselves and each other.

I've created books, products, programs and trainings for free and for sale.

I keep revisiting WHY I want to do this, and I'm taken back to the SEEDS of my inspiration.

Seeds of My Inspiration (What are yours?)

Maybe I got the seeds of inspiration when I was a child — listening to my beloved parents yelling at each other in our small house — wishing they could “talk nicer,” and writing them letters pleading with them to learn how.

Perhaps my own painful divorce from my beloved ex-husband helped me create the Compassionate Mediation® process. I wanted to help others avoid the pain and suffering of a typical adversarial divorce, while at the same time learning how to compassionately communicate — even about their desire to leave — as a way to create a more honest, open, and intimate new union together. 

It could be that much of my resilience, persistence and optimism come from surviving 12 surgeries in the last seven years, and several other life challenges that I have faced. I think my spiritual practices and outlooks (when I’m not being ADD or neurotic!) have helped me cope.

The Seeds of my current life’s passions (Compassionate Communication and Compassionate Mediation®) that came from my own personal experience and professional expertise — are some of the things I want to share with you. Please watch the one minute video below.

I’ve created the Compassionate Communication Community to connect with you in an entirely different way. 

Please join me on Facebook HERE and SHARE with anyone who would like to network, collaborate, support and inspire.

This group is for EVERYONE:

  • Personal growth 
  • Relationship Healing
  • Professional Training
  • Networking
  • Support
  • Guidance
  • Special guest experts

Just click HERE and check it out.

I want to share all that I can and have it be FREE.

I may offer you some products and programs to work with me in the future, but here’s what you’ll get for FREE.

Here are some of the weekly topics:

  • Motivational Mondays – Posts to inspire you for the week, or add your own.
  • Transformational Tuesdays – Facebook Lives to practice Compassionate Communication in all your relationships – personal and professional
  • Wednesday Wisdom – Workshops and/or interviews with other experts.
  • Thursday Trainings Live trainings in Compassionate Communication and Compassionate Mediation®.
  • Friday Freebies – Free gifts from me and a place to share yours.
  • Saturday Sharing – Networking, referrals, outreach, support, connections, “show and tell” 🙂
  • Sunday Fun Day – Anything goes!

I want to share with you in a supportive group setting where I can offer what I can, you can take what you want, share who you are, network, connect, enjoy, learn, grow, and feel connected.

Please join me in and SHARE our new Compassionate Communication Community – and let the fun, healing, sharing, and connections begin!

With much love and gratitude for your friendship,


"I’ve experienced significant improvements in my relationship with my husband and children."


"I learned there could be a Compassionate Divorce."


“We’re building an entirely new marriage.”


“Linda guided us mindfully through the impact of divorce."


“I came to Linda seeking mediated divorce documents and came out with nothing but peace and hope."


“I am breaking free from destructive patterns.”


“Linda helped me love all ‘Parts’ of my SELF!”


“With Linda’s caring guidance, I moved forward with peace and strength.”


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