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Thank you for considering becoming an Affiliate of Linda Kroll and Compassionate Communication, Inc.

Affiliate FAQ’s

What’s an Affiliate Program?

We will work together to share information about products and services to serve more people. When you become an affiliate and refer to our programs or events, you also share in the potential income. When anyone you send to us invests in a service or product, you will get a percentage of that investment. This creates a win-win for everyone.

How Does It Work?

Once you sign up, you’ll receive a unique affiliate tracking link that you can use in emails, on your website, in social media posts, etc. The link will direct people to a specific page on our site to sign up for a free gift or paid class. The person signing up to be linked to you – and each time they purchase something, you get a percentage.

For each launch, you’ll receive promotional emails that include your own special link. All you have to do is edit them and send them out. We’ll also provide social media posts, and newsletter information, ads and graphics too!

What Do I Have to Do?

It’s easy to get started. You just need a desire to help spread the word about Compassionate Mediation®. You then share the information in ways that are best for you – by posting in social media, sending emails, or in any way you choose.

We’ll let you know when our launches are taking place and provide you with what you can share. You then pass along the emails and social media posts letting people know about our offerings.

How Do I Know Who Signs Up?

You can always go into the Members Only area using your login and password which  will be sent to you after you sign up. Once there, you can easily see who has opted in, who has purchased, and how much money will be coming your way.

How Will I Share in the Process?

I am very grateful for your willingness to participate in spreading the word about Compassionate Communication and Compassionate Mediation®.  If someone that you invite invests in one of my programs or products, you will receive 30% of that initial investment.

Thanks for your consideration.

I'd be honored to have you as part of our team as we share Compassionate Mediation®.

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"I’ve experienced significant improvements in my relationship with my husband and children."


"I learned there could be a Compassionate Divorce."


“We’re building an entirely new marriage.”


“Linda guided us mindfully through the impact of divorce."


“I came to Linda seeking mediated divorce documents and came out with nothing but peace and hope."


“I am breaking free from destructive patterns.”


“Linda helped me love all ‘Parts’ of my SELF!”


“With Linda’s caring guidance, I moved forward with peace and strength.”


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