Love Notes 1

Hi, and welcome to my first podcast ever.

It's January 1st, 2019 and I just wanted to speak from my heart, and talk about how grateful that I am that 2019 is beginning and that 2018 is behind us.

There was a lot I learned in 2018, a lot of gifts in cancer, and in addiction, and in learning how to love unconditionally, even more.

So, I welcome you to my first podcast and invite you to consider what you learned in 2018.

What are your experiences and what did you learn? What would you like to let go of, what you'd like to remember, and how can you start 2019 with as much gratitude as possible?

I know I'm starting with gratitude for everything in my life right now: my children, my grandchildren, my family, my friends, my gratitude to you if you're watching or listening. My gratitude for my clients, for my health, for the health of those I love, and my prayers for peace on earth and peace in our hearts continues daily.

I welcome you to the first of many podcasts where I will share from my heart and invite you to do the same.

If you have any questions about relationships, about self care, about spirituality, about law, divorce, communication — whatever your questions are, send them to Linda at and I'll answer them on these podcasts.

I’ll offer my 71 years of wisdom, which I have acquired, and education, and just have a forum for connecting with you from my heart to your heart.

I'm sitting in my living room with my lights on and my computer on, and I have become a very “techie-aware grandmother”, who knows how to do this. So I thought it would. It's on my bucket list.

I wanted to create a podcast and share everything I can about

  • Love
  • Relationships
  • compassionate communication
  • Compassionate Mediation®
  • how to make divorce more kind and loving
  • how to heal relationships
  • how to relate to your children, and your parents, and your friends, and your employers, and your employees with an open heart.

And, how to learn compassionate communication, which allows you to connect to your highest and best self, let go of any limiting beliefs, unburden pain from your past and relate from your heart.

As you unburden the pain from the past and can relate from a more open heart, you're going to have more compassionate relationships with yourself and with everyone in your life.

That's what I wish for you in 2019 — to have a year filled with peace, love, and joy in a way that uses the lessons and the challenges of 2018 to catapult us into 2019 with all of that new awareness and new wisdom.

I for one, am very grateful that I survived my cancer. My new hairdo, compliments of chemotherapy, is one that I'm looking forward to sharing as well as everything else in my life with you.

So, thanks for tuning in. There will be more to come.

I wish you a blessed at 2019 filled with health, and happiness, and peace, and balance, and joy, and love, and abundance in your life.

I'll talk to you again soon and I'm sending you a lot of love, a lot of light, and a lot of hugs from me to you.

Happy, Happy New Year.

Talk to you soon. Bye for now. xoxoxo

"I’ve experienced significant improvements in my relationship with my husband and children."


"I learned there could be a Compassionate Divorce."


“We’re building an entirely new marriage.”


“Linda guided us mindfully through the impact of divorce."


“I came to Linda seeking mediated divorce documents and came out with nothing but peace and hope."


“I am breaking free from destructive patterns.”


“Linda helped me love all ‘Parts’ of my SELF!”


“With Linda’s caring guidance, I moved forward with peace and strength.”


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