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The Power of Surrender is the subject of my LoveNote this month. Surrender is often the most empowering choice we can make. 

Self Care in Relationships.

My Will

My computer cord is at the office and I only have 9% battery. Kind of a metaphor for starting my EXQUISITE SELF CARE mode today.

If I don’t make the time to RECHARGE, I’m continually running on empty - with only fumes to take me where I want to go.

I will get my cord, go to the Botanic Gardens, enjoy nature, breathe, allow myself to BE. (Please join me on my guided meditation here.)

SELF in Mediation - IFS and SELF-leadership

SELF in Mediation

(from a Mediation Training in 1998)

My twenty-one year old daughter (who is now 40) recently called me at the end of her first year of her doctoral program in psychology to tell me she really didn’t want to be a psychologist. She wanted a profession in which there would be one right answer and not so many possibilities. Worried that she was going to switch to law school, I mentioned that even in law, you can argue two sides. And her response was, "Yes, but there are only two." And I thought to myself, she should never go into mediation.

On some existential level, I think she was trying to make sense out of this world. And the more she was learning, the more confusing it all seemed. And I thought to myself, the more confusing it seemed, the more she is learning about the world, and it’s in the acceptance of that confusion, we have the freedom to choose our version of reality. Kind of like mediation.

Stay or Go

This article may not pertain to you, but it may help someone you know. Please feel free to forward it to them.

I hope you have the relationship you desire and deserve. Do you ever have challenges that feel difficult to overcome?

When you experience conflict with your partner or spouse, it is often not what you are saying but how you are saying it that can cause problems.

Please join with me in sharing more peace, love and joy!

I hope that all is great with you! I’m looking forward to connecting with you soon.

After 25 years as a therapist, mediator and attorney, and a Chopra Certified Master Teacher of meditation, yoga and Ayurveda, I have been spending the last four years working on creating new ways to serve more people by offering resources and programs online.

Compassionate Mediation® to Share

Dear Fellow Chopra Instructor,


I would love to share with you my process of Compassionate Mediation®, which I developed to bring higher consciousness to conflict resolution.

With this transformational process, you can offer your individual students a template for calm and compassionate dialogue when it is needed most.

Compassionate Mediation® to Share

Dear Fellow IFS Colleague,

If you work with individuals or couples in conflict, I want to share my process of Compassionate Mediation® which I have taught at the last two IFS Conferences. With this transformational process, you can provide a template for calm and compassionate dialogue when it is needed most.

Unhappy Marriage Quiz to Help Improve Your Marriage

Unhappy Marriage Quiz

Add Passion to Your Marriage or Compassion to Your Divorce


Do you wish you could improve your relationship, but you're not sure how?

Do you sometimes wonder if you should stay or go?

Do you think you want a divorce?

The Power of Hope - When Divorce is an Option

I remember when I said “I do” to my beloved college boyfriend two weeks after I graduated college in 1969. I was filled with hope – hope for the marriage of my dreams, hope for the children we had always wanted, and hope for a home we could share with our families, friends and pets. I was blessed for almost twenty years to see those hopes realized.

Compassionate Relationships in Compassionate Mediation®

Compassionate Relationships in Compassionate Mediation®

Join me in my free webinar: "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" Five Vital Questions to Help You Know.

When you show empathy to your partner, it benefits both of you.


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