My Triumvirate of Tyrants

My Triumvirate of Tyrants

All of our Parts are trying to be helpful, no matter what their behavior. When we can love them for their intentions, they can transform and become valuable consultants and protectors. Love is always the answer- starting with Loving your SELF.

My Triumvirate of Tyrants
Seeks to bully me
As they jockey for position
To find which of these big three

Can take the lead each moment
To plan my life that day.
And as I feel them argue
I turn my head away.

The Pusher keeps on Pushing
The Slug does it’s own thing
My Caretaker keeps care-taking
And Overwhelm is King.

I see that they aren’t tyrants
But misguided helping Parts
That think they know the answer
To heal my wounded heart.

“Push on and do more something!”
“Go slow and don’t be rushed!.”
“Take care of everyone you know!”
Why can’t they all be hushed?

Their cacophony is killing me
I hear the constant din
Of my polarizing conflict
Where none of them will win.

They harass and then they heckle
They torture and oppress
Their intent is to be helpful
They each feel they know best

I need to come and help them
I want to let them see
The only way true peace will come
Is when they work with ME.

I’ll gently take the mantle
I’ll thank them for their care
I’ll consult with them when needed
I see the value there

So now please get along my crew
In perfect harmony
You’re all a part of my mind and heart
And together we’ll be FREE.




To live my life with peace, that is my goal.
To live in peace – within and without, that is my prayer.

Inner peace brings joy.
There is a calm that transcends any external happening.
There is no striving, just peaceful acceptance.
It is showing up in the moment, without effort or judgment.
It is being open, without fear or pain.

Peace is a healthier way to live.
It decresase physical problems, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress.

Peace is infectious.
It is contagious.
It is spread by virtue of its presence.
It creates a haven into which a soul can reside.
And there meet other souls searching for connection.

I am grateful for the peace I now feel.
I am grateful for all that I am learning and still to learn.
I am grateful for all I have and all that I can share.

I go in peace. I stay in peace. I live in peace.

Paint Brush

Paint Brush

The Paint Brush

There once was a brush, all bristly and new
Who wondered about all the things she would do.

She’d paint the skies red. She’d color seas green.
She’d become the best brush that had ever been seen.

She flittered about in a flash and a flurr
And wherever she’d go, she’d rush in a hurry.

So much to do. So much to create.
She could never sit still, and just dry up and wait.

She saw other brushes that made her feel small.
She tried even harder to out-paint them all.

Her bristles got matted. Her handle got rusty.
Her pictures were blurry. Her ideas got musty.

With nowhere to turn and no end in sight.
She frantically busied to make things feel right.

And one day he saw in the bunch an old brush,
Who patiently waited, with no need to rush.

That brush did not care, as it stayed very still.
It had no agenda, no worries, no will.

It just rested and waited, as it seemed to just know
That it’s purpose was clear when the right time would show.

The Old Brush was present, the Old Brush was clean.
The Old brush was quiet, and almost serene.

The hand of The Painter then slowly descended,
And picked up the Old Brush, with a purpose transcendent.

As the Painter took over, the Old Brush just flew
Creating a masterpiece again and anew.

And the harried brush pondered, feeling lost and depleted,
If it could get quiet would it ever be needed.

It decided to slow down. It got very still.
It surrendered its ego. It gave up its will.

And The Painter could find it when its bristles were needed.
For it had its own purpose when its ego receded.

The Painter could use it to create works anew.
All of which were beyond what that lone brush could do.

So as you scurry and scamper to get through the day.
Can The Painter now find you? Do you get in your way?

If you get still and quiet, when the timing is right,
The Painter can lead you, with no effort or fright.

You will sail through your day with grace, joy and ease.
Which brush are you? Be the patient one please.

For you’ll find we’re all brushes, and each one is great.
As we trust in The Painter and then co-create.


The Girl with the “D”

The Girl with the “D”

There once was a lady who thought she was crazy
Her life seemed so dreadful and horrid.
Her head in a whirl, instead of a curl,
Was a “D” in the middle of her forehead.

Her work load oppressive, obligations excessive,
Her life felt just out of control.
She drove into trees, lost her wallet and keys,
Had a heartache no pill could console.

If mad, sad or mean, the “D” was not seen,
Though she wished her whole world would help bear
All the grief, fear and pains, that her life now contains,
As they offered support, love and care.

But she suffers alone, calling friends on the phone,
Seeking solace, compassion, and aid,
Just an ear, hand or shoulder will help with the boulder
That leaves her so lost and afraid.

Though she’s filled with self doubt, the “D” will fade out.
For just when she’s sure nothing’s worse.
The time will be done, and her new life begun.
She’s finally through her divorce.

Being Me

Being Me

Being Me

There’s no book that I have to write
and nothing more to do at night.
No chocolate binge nor appetite,

I’m busy being me.

I need not worry, pine or fret
of things I may at times forget
or obsess about some karmic debt,

I’m only being me.

Whatever I may want to say
has been already said some way.
I only need to fill the day

With ways of being me.

No need to judge or yet compare
with others smarter or more fair
for only I can never error

at always being me.

I have the power to understand
that life is not some ego plan.
and G-d will take my outstretched hand

To help me to Be Me.


"I’ve experienced significant improvements in my relationship with my husband and children."


"I learned there could be a Compassionate Divorce."


“We’re building an entirely new marriage.”


“Linda guided us mindfully through the impact of divorce."


“I came to Linda seeking mediated divorce documents and came out with nothing but peace and hope."


“I am breaking free from destructive patterns.”


“Linda helped me love all ‘Parts’ of my SELF!”


“With Linda’s caring guidance, I moved forward with peace and strength.”


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