Welcome to the new Compassionate Communication and Compassionate Mediation Community.

Whether you're here for your personal use — to learn how to relate better to the people in your lives — or whether you're a professional, (a therapist, mediator, attorney, coach, or clergy) who would like to learn how to offer Compassionate Mediation® and help your clients learn more compassionate communication…

Whether you're here for your personal growth or professional growth, I'm glad you're here.

I'd like to offer tips each week on how you can learn to communicate from your highest and best self and help your clients do the same.

First, I'd like to offer you a free gift — Compassionate Communication Care Kit

Just go to www.LindaKroll.com/CCC and sign up and get your care kit that will give you

  1. a guided meditation to get to your best self
  2. a relationship assessment to begin to make changes in your relationships today,
  3. a four-minute video explaining what compassionate communication is
  4.  a roadmap to my Compassionate Mediation® process that you can use for your personal use or your professional use.

Please get your free care kit today and begin to take about 15 minutes to change your relationships starting now.

Join Me in my Live Online Course Compassionate Communication: Six Keys to Improve All Your Relationships.

What you're going to do — in just four weeks is to:

  • be your best self in all your relationships
  • let go of your limiting judgments and beliefs that keep you stuck
  •  unburden the pain from the past that you don't need to carry anymore
  • and relate from your heart.

Please join me in whatever capacity you'd like:

Get your free care kit.

Join me in the upcoming course

and please connect with me in the Facebook group.,

I'm going to be doing some Facebook Lives, and I really would like to get to know you personally.

Whether you're here professionally or personally, I want to be of help, and I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Take good care.

"I’ve experienced significant improvements in my relationship with my husband and children."


"I learned there could be a Compassionate Divorce."


“We’re building an entirely new marriage.”


“Linda guided us mindfully through the impact of divorce."


“I came to Linda seeking mediated divorce documents and came out with nothing but peace and hope."


“I am breaking free from destructive patterns.”


“Linda helped me love all ‘Parts’ of my SELF!”


“With Linda’s caring guidance, I moved forward with peace and strength.”


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