Please Join Me on Facebook LIVE!

Please join me on Facebook Live!

Do you want to improve all the relationships in your life?
Would you like to add more PASSION to your marriage - or COMPASSION to your divorce?
Would you like to help your clients who can't decide?

Please join me LIVE on Facebook where I will answer your questions and offer guidance and support.
Compassionate Mediation® is an opportunity to have conscious, SELF-led, heart-centered conversations to help you create the relationship you desire and deserve.
You can help your clients heal and transform their marriage for the benefit of all concerned. And if divorce is their decision, you can help them create a SELF-Led Divorce®.
I'll be LIVE at the link below to answer your questions and walk you through the process that will help you and your clients feel informed, empowered and enlightened.
Please join me by liking the page below and I'll let you know when I'm live so we can meet in person and connent. OR please send your question to me at and send in your question. I'll answer it LIVE and send you the link to the replay!
You can get a FREE CHAPTER of the book (and other gifts and resources) on my website at
I hope to see you this week (or watch the replay whenever you'd like.)
I am always referring to my colleagues - and I would love to share this process with you.