Let Your Light SHINE! The Power of Surrender

Surrender is not always submission, capituation, or a sign of defeat.

I’m looking at our Ego’s need to be in control, to compete, to compare — and then surrendering to the gentle presence of our Soul – which seeks compassion, connection, and collaboration.

For most of my life, I have been a beloved family hero, helping out where I can, and being the one many come to for advice and support. I love my family, and I have loved that role. It got me attention, appreciation, affection and acceptance – the four needs of the heart.

I have faced several life challenges, as we all have, and my family and friends have been heroes to me  —  there by my side the whole time — and I am extremely blessed.

As a therapist, mediator, attorney, I love my clients.  I am honored to be of service, and I am grateful for all I learn from them.

In the last few years of my professional life, as I create online programs to reach more people, I have spent a lot of time alone. I have holed up with my computer, joined various groups, and learned from many wonderful mentors.

However, I’ve never really asked for assistance. I still wanted to be the strong one who could help everyone else.


• I surrender the need to do it all alone.
• I give myself permission to be vulnerable.
• I relinquish the need to do it all by myself.
• I resign from playing any role
• I ask for help.

What can you decide for yourself today?
What can you surrender?
What can you let go of that would add more to your life in its absence? (ie. Perfectionism, Procrastination, Internal Criticism?)

I hope you will give yourself permission to abandon any thought, belief or action that is holding you back or holding you down.  Surrender a little at a time, and see how empowered you are with your own authenticity and light!

As I reminded myself on the Fourth of July:

Let’s celebrate the best of who we are and how connected we can be.
Let our hearts reach out to bring joy to others.
Happy Fourth of July – as you share the light that you are - for all to see!  :-)
Sending love to all!