Don’t let Conflict Eclipse Your Love

Don’t let Conflict Eclipse Your Love

Is there someone in your life right now with whom you’re having conflict? Perhaps a family member, co-worker, friend, or spouse?

Do you remember when your partner lit up your life? When your love was so vibrant that you thought it would last a lifetime?

I hope you still feel the same, but in my experience as a therapist and mediator, the light can disappear when the walls of blame, judgment, and disappointment get in the way. Unresolved conflict can cause you to feel alone in the darkness.

As I experienced the recent total eclipse of the sun, it was amazing how quickly the light was gone. The cicadas starting chirping as if it were nighttime. I often see individuals and couples who act like their relationship is over, when it has just reached an impasse when their needs aren’t getting met. They experience the darkness, and they believe it will always be that way.

Please remember that no matter how dim the relationship may seem, “hang in there, the light will shine again.” 

There is a way to resolve conflict that brings a grace and kindness into every conversation. Maybe not all the time in every moment, but the overall experience is one of safety and respect. Even if it leads to a separation or a divorce,

The Power of Compassion can create miracles.

Whatever you’re feeling right now can change. You can remove the walls and filters through which you’re viewing your partner, and see their light again too.

That’s why I created the Compassionate Mediation® Toolkit – to help individuals and couples resolve conflict from their highest and best SELF.

If you weren’t at the eclipse, you can view it here.