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  • Do you wish you could change your relationship?

Do you wonder whether you should stay or go?

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Compassionate Mediation® can help you if you are not sure about what you want to do about your relationship.

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If you're like many of my clients, you're feeling:

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Compassionate Mediation® starts with Compassionate Communication

If you are having conflict in your relationship, Compassionate Mediation® will help. You will learn how to connect to your highest and best SELF and resolve your issues with empathy and respect..

Compassionate Mediation®  starts with Compassionate Communication as you learn how to create a new beginning in the highest good for all concerned.

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Compassionate Relationships in Compassionate Mediation

(Show empathy to your partner, which will benefit you both).

Whether you decide to stay in your relationship or leave it, you have choices to make on how you are going to relate to your partner. No matter what you're choosing to do, you have to get to a place of compassion. You have to get to a place where you can really relate to each other with respect, with kindness, with empathy.

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You alone can change your relationship – no matter what your partner wants to do.

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  • Learn the 5 Steps to Receive What You Want and Need
  • Practice the Miracle of Empathy.

Compassionate Mediation® will give you the tools to heal and transform your relationship for the benefit of all concerned.

Please join me live and let me answer your questions and offer guidance and support!

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Compassionate Mediation® for Hope and Healing.

It leads to hope and healing because it's going to let you take one step at a time. Just one step.

I've got to congratulate you because this is a step. What you're doing right now watching me, being open to possibility. You're taking a step. If your ultimate goal is to be in a loving, kind, passionate, intimate, fun relationship, then that's your GPS. That's where you set your GPS.

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Explore Your Options with Compassionate Mediation®

You have many options. They are not black and white. It is not status quo or Armageddon. It's not stay where you are or implode your family. There's a rainbow of options that you don't understand yet, but you will.

As you start to learn how to communicate from your higher self, learn how to use the miracle of empathy, you can begin to talk about all the issues that you would have to talk about in a divorce.

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Albert Einstein said,

“Men marry women hoping they'll never change, and women marry men hoping to change them, and inevitably they're both disappointed.”

I love that quote. We're humans — or spiritual beings having a human experience — and in our human experience, we tend to trigger each other, and then we reach a point where we decide we might want to leave.

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Reach out for help with Compassionate Mediation


I was joyfully married to my college sweetheart and about 20 years into the marriage with two wonderful daughters, we were looking at a divorce sadly.

We didn't have these tools, so unfortunately we struggled for a long time. we stayed separated for a very long time. During that time, I thought I was being helpful to my family because we weren't really divorced yet, but the ambivalence was really difficult. We both were dating other people. It was a very confusing, very long time.