Compassionate Communication

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Feel Your Feelings – or Send Them Some Hugs

Take a breath
Take a moment.
Go inside.

Take a break.
Take a look.
Do not hide.

Take a walk.
Take a minute
Or take ten.

Love your feelings
Let them out
Be their friend.

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Welcome to HeartCentered Connections with Linda


I want to share with you the people who have touched my heart —
and who are helping others with their inspiring messages of
Compassion, Acceptance, Love and Forgiveness.


I am a therapist, mediator, attorney, author, and Chopra Certified Master Teacher of meditation, yoga and Ayurveda.

I am also the proud and grateful mother of 3 (two by birth, one by marriage), grandmother of 3, and "Baba" to several more.

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From My Heart (and Camera) to You xoxo

I share my photograths, words and thoughts to inspire you to:

  • love yourself always
  • appreciate yourself as the divine being that you are
  • help you share you love and light with the world.


I took all the pictures, wrote all the words, and just shared the meaning from my heart to yours.

Forty-five minutes of musings.... thanks for listening - and sharing. xoxo

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Surrender is not always submission, capituation, or a sign of defeat.

I’m looking at our Ego’s need to be in control, to compete, to compare — and then surrendering to the gentle presence of our Soul – which seeks compassion, connection, and collaboration.

For most of my life, I have been a beloved family hero, helping out where I can, and being the one many come to for advice and support. I love my family, and I have loved that role. It got me attention, appreciation, affection and acceptance – the four needs of the heart.