You can learn to communicate more authentically as you begin to nurture your Self appropriately.

Your  past wounds can be healed as your relationships become more peaceful, respectful and loving.

It's never too late. In counseling hundreds of couples, there is often one member who believes that it is “too late” to save the relationship. However, there can be reason for hope even in the face of quiet (or vocal) desperation.

Compassionate Mediation® will help you become informed, empowered, and able to communicate with honesty and empathy.

Compassionate Mediation® is helpful at any time you have problems in your relationship. You can engage in the process and create a new relationship with your partner. You can also engage in the program before, during, or even after your divorce.

A SELF-Led Divorce® is one in which you bring you best and highest SELF to the process for the benefit of all concerned. I believe families need not be broken, but can be peacefully and respectfully re-structured.

I help individuals connect with their True Self, heal burdens from the past, and communicate with honesty and empathy. I include methods of healthy self care to propel you to a future filled with abundance and peace, love and joy. I am looking forward to helping you.