Hope and Healing

Compassionate Mediation® for Hope and Healing.

It leads to hope and healing because it's going to let you take one step at a time. Just one step.

I've got to congratulate you because this is a step. What you're doing right now watching me, being open to possibility. You're taking a step. If your ultimate goal is to be in a loving, kind, passionate, intimate, fun relationship, then that's your GPS. That's where you set your GPS.

Set Your GPS for a Better Relationship
Now the steps to get there are not going to be clear yet, but what we do is if we could be as kind to ourself as our old GPS in our car used to be, remember how you set the GPS for where you want to go and then you start going, and if you make a wrong move, the GPS just says, "Re-routing. Re-routing." It doesn't say, "You stupid idiot. You've made a bad choice," or anything that we tell ourselves, right?

Listen to Your Higher SELF, not Your Ego

If we know that we're going to take small, incremental steps in the direction of our dreams, of the relationship we desire and deserve, then we'll know when we're listening to our higher self because they'll flow. The steps will flow.

When we're listening to our ego or our fear or our judgment, our defensiveness, we're going to feel very constricted and the path will be much more difficult.

So move in the direction of your highest good and see the universe support you. It really is amazing.

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