Individuals and Couples

Albert Einstein said,

“Men marry women hoping they'll never change, and women marry men hoping to change them, and inevitably they're both disappointed.”

I love that quote. We're humans — or spiritual beings having a human experience — and in our human experience, we tend to trigger each other, and then we reach a point where we decide we might want to leave.

But instead of just leaving and taking everything with us that we've already brought into the next relationship, why don't you stay and heal the one you have, and then whatever form it takes is going to be one that will bring you more hope and more possibility and more peace and love and joy to your family?

Some of my clients have used this Compassionate Mediation® alone and taken it back to their relationship. They learned how to speak from their higher SELF, ask for what they wanted and needed, and actually got it — and then co-created a whole new relationship with their partner. (Even though their partner never learned the process!)

If you're in a painful relationship for a long time, you may want to take a look at why you're willing to stay.

So for those of you who have been there a long time, you may need to do your own therapy first. This process is therapeutic in that it will invite you to take a look at what caused you to stay and what are your fears and you can talk about them, and you can possibly talk about them with your partner.

But if your partner isn't available, then find a good therapist who can help you work through this and hopefully a therapist that knows this process and they can merge it together and you'll figure out why you're staying and what it needs to leave if you need to leave or what it needs for you to change who you are being in the relationship that invites more respect and won't tolerate disrespect and heals from within. Compassionate Mediation helps you heal from within.

Use Compassionate Mediation during and even after divorce.
If you are going through a divorce — or you know someone who's been through a divorce — or you have a divorce long in your past that's still causing you pain, using the tools of Compassionate Mediation help you put that in perspective and let go and move on with grace.