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You alone can change your relationship – no matter what your partner wants to do.

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Compassionate Mediation® will give you the tools to heal and transform your relationship for the benefit of all concerned.

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You can add passion to your marriage.

The reason I'm saying it can add passion to your marriage is because guess what would happen if you stop being reactive in your relationship right now?

Just think about it for a minute.

Take a breath with me and think about how much focus you're often putting on what your partner needs to be doing to change instead of where you can look at yourself.

Your power is in how you respond. When you look at yourself, you recognize that's where your true power lies to make different choices and respond in a way that actually brings more love and compassion into your present situation.

Now when you're at a crossroads, where you've had bad habits go on and you're not sure if you want to stay or go, there's a part of you that kind of whispers in your ear, "Well, don't be too nice or don't be too kind because then your partner will think everything is okay." Or then you'll put the walls down around your heart and maybe they'll hurt you again.

But the reality is you are, as I've been saying all week, you are a channel of love and a beacon of light. That is who you are. That's your birthright. Anything that stops you from being that is either a pain from your past or a limiting belief that you can let go of and really shine that light on all of your parts and on all of your partner's parts.

When you offer more empathy, guess what happens?

They don't see you as the either angry or walled or distant or judgmental partner that they've had. They begin to see the light that they saw in you when you first got together.

Then what happens with them is they put their walls down and they take the filter off that they've been judging you from. You can create a whole new marriage, relationship starting now.

So I invite you to consider that possibility, even if you have one foot out the door.

Join me on my Free Video Series to find out how!