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Meditation as a Spiritual Quest

When you meditate, you practice detaching from the conditioned thoughts and beliefs of your ego and begin to attune to the innate desires of your higher SELF (or Soul.)

You were born enlightened. Now all you have to do is let go of what you think you already know. And as you lighten up, your relationships will improve!

Descartes wrote, “I think, therefore I am.” However you are so much more than just your mind, and sometimes it’s what you think that causes the problems. Caroline Myss says, “The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.”

Dark night of the soul with divorce

My heart goes out to you. Anyone experiencing or ever touched by divorce has suffered a loss that was unexpected and devastating. You may be losing your marriage, but you now have the opportunity to find yourself, possibly for the first time in your life. Grieving the losses and feeling your feelings are necessary parts of the process of divorce. But also hold onto the reality that from this point on, your life may offer miracles you may never have dared to dream.

Inner peace

To live my life with peace, that is my goal.
To live in peace – within and without, that is my prayer.

Inner peace brings joy.
There is a calm that transcends any external happening.
There is no striving, just peaceful acceptance.
It is showing up in the moment, without effort or judgment.
It is being open, without fear or pain.

Peace is a healthier way to live.
It decresase physical problems, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress.

It's never too late to create a better marriage. Learn how now!

Many marriages end because one or both parties don't know they have other options. You can take the time to learn Compassionate Communication and create something new and better together — whatever the form will take.

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Sometimes, one party feels neglected or ignored, as their partner focused on a career or the children. Hurt can manifest as anger or withdrawal, and finally becomes a wall that seems insurmountable.

However, there can be reason for hope even in the face of quiet (or vocal) desperation.

If one person in a relationship is willing to work to save it, a new union can emerge. Perhaps your “first marriage” is over. It’s not about fixing it or settling for what you have, but beginning to create a new relationship that meets both your needs. Who are you now? What is important to you both? And are you willing and able to give the other what you each want and need?”

Talking with your children about your separation or divorce.

Linda’s Suggestions for Talking with Your Children about Your Separation or Divorce

Choose a time to tell the children when you can be together. If you have children of various ages, you may tell them at different times as your conversations not be the same. Whether you tell all the children at the same time, you should both be together whenever you tell any child.

Compassionate Mediation® for the Relationship You Desire and Deserve!

A Heartfelt Plea for Peace

Countless couples play out their emotional dramas without regard to the collateral damage they inflict on their innocent and loving children. Two people who once cared enough to promise to love and cherish “until death do them part” can also learn to fear and despise each other after years of pain and unmet needs.

Singlehood has an array of opportunities – and challenges. The opportunities for growth are unparalled. Often, the major challenge is seeing the opportunities.

Many of us think of singlehood as the way station en route to a relationship. It’s the bridge we cross to get to where we’re meant to be. It’s a limbo time of searching – but it’s often a search for “another’, rather than a journey inward.

Our stories, family healing

Our Stories

You might want to define yourself in terms of your “story” – what happened to you in your childhood, what is happening to you right now, who is causing you pain.

The more you tell your “story,” the less empathy you will receive from those around you. People tend to lose interest in the “yadayada” details of your life, and begin to shift their focus back to their own “yadayada”.

Self Care and Presence

Just for now

I can allow myself to just be here.

Just for now

I don’t have to fix, save, rescue anyone else.

Just for now

I don’t have to do anything except breathe.

And as I breathe,

I surround myself with peaceful, compassionate, loving energy,

and I am safe.

Just for now,