An Invitation to IFS Therapists

Compassionate Mediation® to Share

Dear Fellow IFS Colleague,

I am an IFS therapist, mediator, attorney, and Chopra Certified teacher of meditation, yoga and Ayurveda.

I combine SELF-leadership and higher consciousness, along with legal and financial information, to offer Compassionate Communication® — a new paradigm for relationship healing and transformation.

Compassionate Mediation® is an IFS-based model for conflict resolution that is based on my book Compassionate Mediation®: How to Add Passion to Your Marriage or Compassion to Your Divorce.

Dick Schwartz said, "Divorce brings out the worst in us and often leaves lasting scars... Linda Kroll is a master at lifting couples out of their narrow protective perspectives. They then learn the larger lessons from their relationships and proceed based on the best interests of all involved... This is relationship healing at its best.”

I’d love your help in sharing my FREE Compassionate Mediation® Toolkit with anyone who could use it. The Toolkit includes:

•      A Relationship Assessment
•      Compassionate Communication Master Class (IFS-based video series)
•      The introduction and first chapter of my book.

Whether a relationship is having the usual challenges, is in a great deal of turmoil, or is even possibly headed for divorce, Compassionate Communication and Compassionate Mediation® can help create a new and better marriage — or a peaceful and respectful separation or divorce.

I’d be honored if you’d help share this transformational toolkit with your clients – so that together, we can help change the face of divorce, one heart at a time.

And, as an added resource, I’ve created a comprehensive Compassionate Mediation® Program that I’m offering this month.  It’s the first course in my Compassionate Communication Academy.

Your help sharing the Compassionate Mediation® Toolkit can help individuals and couples access the resources they need to create the relationships they’ve always desired.

If you’d like customized email and social media copy to use to help spread these tools, click here to sign up for my affiliate program. As an added bonus, you can choose to receive a commission from anyone that signs up for my upcoming program through your link. 

Please contact me at if you have any questions. Thanks for your consideration and support.

All my best,


P.S  I will soon be providing online Compassionate Mediation® Training for Professionals —therapists, mediators, attorneys, coaches, and clergy.

I have offered workshops on Compassionate Mediation® Training at the past two IFS Conferences, and will be sharing at the Midwest IFS Conference in October.  I’d love to share this process with you. Please go here to learn more.